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Originally Posted by Keith2004
I am right there with you on that, but on the low end that's only a 1" difference. The Seats on 747 and 330 look and feel way more comfortable, wont actually know till I try 350, but hoping they feel better or as good as 330/747 seat.
To me, it looks like these are the best seats:

Business-class: 5A, 5D, 7A, 7D. If the galley behind business-class is only used for beverages then I'd add 8A and 8D to the list, although passengers at the back of the cabin, depending on the purser and catering, may not get their preferred choice of meals.

Premium-economy: 1A, 1B, 1H, 1J.

Economy-class: 30A, 30C, 30G, 30J, 40B, 40C, 40G, 40H, 41A, 41J. If as with other aircraft, the last row (55) is blocked off for last-minute purchases from passengers with elite status then there's always a chance you could snag an entire row on a less-than-full flight.
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