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Why the "if I only count personal cards"? With various free ways to check your credit report, you should simply count how many bank cards on your credit report show an "opened on" date in the past 24 months (since that's what Chase does), and not try to estimate it.

I'd have much more faith in your "biz cards don't count" analysis if you had verified on your credit report that your N/24 count was indeed accurate (either at the time of the United Biz app, or at least now).

Keep in mind there are other things that can keep cards from showing on credit report besides being business cards. For example, a new card that was just opened may take a month or more to show up on your credit report, which means that if you opened another card soon before you applied for your United Biz then Chase may have seen a different count on your credit report than your estimate calculated.

Meanwhile, Cap One business credit cards do count, since they show up on credit reports.

So that's why the best way to determine your N/24 count is to actually look at your credit report, not to guess based on supposed rules you think you know (but which may not be 100% accurate, such as your apparent assumption that "everything other than business cards counts").
I did pull my CR on Credit karma in April before the United appl and it showed 5/24, then again this month and its down to 4/24. I also keep a spreadsheet showing all my appl/open/bonus/close dates on all accts and I update it regularly from my CR, and I have a days tracker on all accts that apply to 5/24 showing how long before it rolls off.

I just mentioned the "personal" 5/24 because I also have 2 Chase Biz cards that some people think are included in the 5/24 counts. Ink was opened in Dec and United Biz opened most recently in April.

All of which means that my CR said I was at 5/24 when I applied in April, but if Chase counted previous Business cards, then they would see me as 6/24. Yet I was eventually approved after denial, CL realloc, and recon.

So on the surface this strongly indicates that Biz cards don't count, bc even though some people get approved at exactly 5/24, no one should be approved at 6/24 (if the Ink card was counted) even after recon. And now I have a 2nd Chase Biz card.

For those who have applied for Chase Biz cards first to stay under 5/24, what is the most Biz cards they have approved you for while others are still open?
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