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Originally Posted by bthotugigem05 View Post
For how much people say they care about great content and this board isn't entirely about bashing 3-4 bloggers, I'd like to point out this thread fell off the front page and hasn't had a post in nearly six months.
Originally Posted by kokonutz View Post
The sad truth is I haven't seen a post extraordinary enough to post here. Apparently you haven't either.

If you have, perhaps you could provide a link!?
By all means, feel free to share all the good content you've found bthotugigem05!

I'd say though it's no different than most of the rest of FT...of the "opinion" style threads most are complaints rather than compliments about the entity in question.

Originally Posted by Astrophsx View Post
Not a blog, but I think Andy and I are both a fan of the YouTube page of Wendover Productions.

There is a decent amount of "technical" travel related videos:
The Five Freedoms of Aviation - YouTube
Cool thanks!
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