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Stayed here this week.

Valet service ($24) was quick and friendly.

Check-in agent was very cordial. I had booked a 1K Executive Floor room. I was not upgraded despite high floor, enhanced view, and suites being available, as confirmed on the HHonors App at the time of check-in. I should have cancelled and rebooked as the lowest level suite was now priced below what I paid for my 1K room.

I checked in at 8:00PM and inquired about the executive lounge. The agent said "No, the lounge is closed. But it will be open at 6AM for breakfast." The website said the lounge is open until 8:00PM, but the sign on the lounge door said it closes at 7:00PM. Oh well.

I asked for two bottles of water and the check-in agent said "There are two bottles in your room. Ignore the price tag saying they are $5 each. We don't charge Silver, Gold, and Diamond HHonors members."

They included a wi-fi access code with my room key. I used the access code to logon to the network from one device and my Diamond credentials on another. The "premium" internet that all Diamonds receive was 2Mbps down and 1Mbps up. Unusable for anything other than basic web surfing. The access granted by the code given to me was 6Mbps down and 6Mbps up. Why go through all of the logistics to have various access levels? Seems cumbersome and goes against the published Hilton policies.

The room was small but efficient. The bed was comfortable and the linens were very clean. It had a full walk-in, glass shower which was above average in size.

Breakfast in the lounge was as expected. Two meats, scrambled eggs, no potatoes, and various pastries and fruit. The selection of drinks was above average with lots of bottles of juices, sodas, and waters available. Additionally, there were plenty of energy and protein bars along with trail mixes available to take.

I called the valet to bring the car around in preparation for checking out. Check-out was quick and friendly and my car actually beat me to the front door, something that I've never had happen with a Hilton valet before.

All in all, not a bad stay. The short hours on the lounge and the sub-par wifi service were disappointing. Breakfast and customer service were above average. If I were to visit Tampa again, I'd try skip the Hilton and try the Embassy Suites nearby as a comparison.
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