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Originally Posted by Tobias-UK View Post
Out of interest, which airlines do this in the front cabins?
Royal Jordanian on a recent Amman to Heathrow flight. Dimmed the blinds in business when departing at noon Jordan time (10am uk time) and landing at 1530 uk time. When somebody in a window seat asked for some light, they were given control of their blinds.

Qatar have done the same where it was daytime at origin and destination. Not sure if they would have relinquished control (I was in a middle seat).

In terms of being selfish (not referring to the quoted post), perhaps it is selfish to leave the window open when it's daylight outside. But I think important to make a distinction between somebody who only thinks about themselves (ie windows open when it suits them, and closed when it suits them) and somebody who is simply consistent (ie believes window seat can have control, which sometimes will suit them, and sometimes it won't but then they're willing to wear eye masks). To my mind the second person is not remotely DYKWIA. Ditto for the person who always closes the window, even when they'd rather have daylight.

Also seems to me that the specifics of flight directions, timings, and amount of daylight hours make a difference which makes it a bit harder to talk about in broad terms.

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