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Originally Posted by nrr View Post
I always choose window seats and keep the shades open:
(1)planes are equivalent to sardine cans, with the shade open the inside and outside merge, making the plane seem more spacious.
(2)if we are over areas (mainly land) where there are "landmarks", I find it fascinating to identify them.
(3)but (especially) for the last 30 minutes of a flt, seeing what the plane is DOING is essential. I've been on flts where pax in window seats were asked to raise them in those 30 minutes.
(4)I was once flying from LAS VEGAS to DFW, when I got to my window seat, I noticed EVERY shade was in the closed position--EXCEPT mine, it was open, I guess they knew my preferences.
Point 1 is debatable. I find the best way to make the interior of a plane more spacious is not to book an economy seat. Business or First class is the way to go. YMMV.

Point 2-some people open their shades even though there is nothing to see but ocean or clouds. Not a lot of landmarks in the middle of the Atlantic.

Point 3-some further readng her:
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