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Originally Posted by scented View Post
OT (mea culpa), but... I am really surprised Amanzoe is apparently posting losses. While this has been perfectly clear at Ruya from Day 1, it does surprise me at Zoe. This resort is usually packed from end of May right until September... and from what I gather, Dolphin is very pleased with the resort. Also continually adding/enhancing the resort, sometimes not even features that produce revenue. While they do (think Villa 20, Beach Cabanas), they have also improved the appearance and gave Ed a lot of work (think the addition of pebbles, some changes in the suites, etc).

There have been reports about design flaws and questionable choices at Ruya since the opening.
Maybe it's because they're closed for so long - taking into account all the upkeep, renovations, improvements, beach cabanas etc. that have been added (financial accounting year and all that). Villa 20 must have cost a lot to build - it was sold though, anyone know for how much?

To paraphrase MacMyDay from his Amanzoe review: "budgets are something that were brought in a meeting and then duly ignored"

Edit - Actual quote(s):
Amanzoe clearly decided that having a budget was a nuisance so scraped it early on. The entire resort is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before, with the architecture so impressive that it really does resemble how you think of ancient Greece, just perhaps they weren’t fortunate enough to have a Watsu pool.
My first Aman experience at Amanzoe, where not only did all the staff seem to be psychic, but the building cost appeared as if budgets were just this thing that would occasionally be said, but then firmly ignored.
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