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Hi Guys,

Looking for advice on whether I should apply for the Ink Business Preferred 80K UR offer.

Card History:

CSP/Now CFU, opened Feb 2016

Citi AA, opened March 2016, closed Feb 2017

Chase Hyatt, opened April 2016, closed March 2017

Chase UAL, opened June 2016, going to close in next week.

Chase Ink Plus, opened June 2016, was planning on closing this week

CSR, opened October 2016.

Ink Plus has a credit limit of 21.5K. I created a legit business with an EIN (CPR/first aid training) that (long story) never went anywhere. I've never charged more than a few hundred dollars to my Ink +. My business is practically no more, but I still have a valid EIN and state articles of organization.

Do I have any chance of getting the Ink Preferred? If so, should I apply as my old business or as a sole proprietor selling eBay goods? When in this process should I close my Ink Plus? (Annual fee will hit next statement).

Thanks guys!

Ps-I also have two existing Freedom cards from long ago/well before I got into this game.
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