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Originally Posted by aa213bb View Post
Makis is great; very pleasant, and interesting to have chats with. He and his beautiful family live right there on the property, too, so he's very present.
Nice. He has offered to meet while we are inhouse.

In terms of rooms, they are not huge - when we arrived they'd prepared this room, which is the category I'd booked, as well as a suite for us. After looking them both over, my wife and I chose this one, with the hot tub. We did this for a couple of reasons.
This is really good information. We are already upgraded to a massive suite, so I'll keep your points in mind as to whether that's where we should stay. Like you, I prefer a view that gives the illusion of no one else around.

Also, here's a bit of unsolicited advice - their menus at the time (the pool deck area restaurant was not yet opened) were not very Turkish influenced, so we asked for some off menu items and were quite happy (kofte, lamb ribs, etc).
I appreciate this. I tend to forget that high end hotel restaurants might be willing to be flexible.

In summation, sure, the MO may very well be nicer, but given the price delta, personally I would've just been irritated paying the € to stay there.
We're using points so there is no cash out of pocket. And yes, if we moved to the MO and it wasn't superior, I'd feel very annoyed given the price to stay there.

I really appreciate your helpfulness.
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