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Originally Posted by SanDiego1K View Post
Oops! Yes, I was sincere. My mind gets spinning as a trip draws near as to whether there are any improvements I can make. You stopped the spinning on this decision.
Happy to help. And, honestly, I think many people would really enjoy the MO ... perhaps it was just because we dropped by unannounced, there was a bit of a strange vibe. Beautiful, relaxing setting, though MASSIVE grounds.

I'll try and upload some Caresse pics for you; I think it's probably a step-down, in terms of hard product, but it was the right decision for us because the corresponding rates. I just knew - and felt proven right when we visited - that I'd be regretting a €1k/nt rate at the MO, when I'd much rather have just flown from IST to ATH and gone back to Amanzoe.

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You're the third FTer I know heading to Noma. The other two have gone, returned and raved about it.
I have MANY reviews saved to read, but am intentionally waiting until afterwards so I can go into this experience as "un-influenced" as possible.

We've been to Noma in CPH, and had a wonderful time, so given the combo of that and my love for the nuances and incredible tastes of the almost innumerable regional cuisines of Mexico, I'm finding it hard to contain myself.
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