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Clothes, SA, Botwana, Zambabwe

Almost all done. Less that 2 weeks before departure. Will be packing soon.

Main issue is long sleeve only or short sleeve, too. We know we will need to layer (have long sleeve). Three nights in each of three locations. The first near Kruger. The second and third are near Chobe and Hwange, both drivable from Vic Falls (general location reference). 2 days in Vic Falls and three days in Johannesburg round out our trip.

It is May middle two end. We will use sunscreen but are quite fair. We will be using deet. We will be taking malaria pills. Doing two safaris per day (one in a boat). Temps are hot enough day time for short sleeves, but am concerned about safety. Any issues wearing T-shirts? We will be wearing long pants.

Second issue. On safari, is color important. Lots of talk about wearing earth tones, yet in the pictures I see, not much adherence to that. We do not want to be a problem.

Any other general suggestions? We will have camera, 2 lenses, binoculars, (light ponchos, head nets, in case), flashlight, 2 hats, one with tiedown, Kindle, sport shoes and meds. We are still deciding on volume, to pack for no laundry necessary, or take smaller suitcases and submit laundry at the camps. 44# (20K) is actually quite generous for our flights in country. That would mean 2 large suitcases(one each, of about 40 #'s) and two smallish back packs.

We appreciate any assistance. Early responses please.

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