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Originally Posted by ducksauce View Post
Did you transfer UR points to someone with a different address? Different last name?

Did you sell UR points to someone?

Approximately what percentage of your charges earned less than 5x points in the past 12 months?
15% (freedom)

Did a Chase or non-Chase bank recently close one of your credit cards?

Are you using up a large percentage of your credit line on all Chase and non-Chase credit cards?

Is your total credit line with Chase much higher than with other banks?
40k in CL with chase 20k in CL among other banks

Did you apply for many credit cards or other forms of credit in the past 2 months? ("Many" may be hard to define.)
Apply for 1 maybe 2 cards a month if i have no cards that im doing min spend on

If you have a Chase checking account how much did you typically deposit in money orders per month, if any?

Did you recently start spending a lot more with Chase than in typical months?
Yes see post below spiked this month

Is your monthly balance frequently close to your credit limit?

Approximately what percentage of spending was on gift cards this year?
<4k in past 2 years

How much of your bill do you typically pay using WM or KMart bill payment if any?

Do you have a Chase mortgage or other account that might be profitable to Chase?

Has your credit score or credit profile changed recently? As in: significantly more debt, more open credit lines, or a large drop in your credit score?

CS has been betwen 720-750 steady over the year. 0 debt, average 1 new card every 2-3 months.

Two of my chase cards didn't work last night so I called Sapphire Reserve line. Was told my account was canceled in feb even though I've been using my cards since then (I think the rep misspoke but still weird). They told me I would need to speak to senior support who won't be available until 9 AM EST this morning.
Info about me 40k in CL across 4 cards with chase (cf, cfu, csr, rc, hyatt, ihg). I've done <5k ms across all cards in 2 years (never depo MO into chase, no cash deposits either), never cycled CL, and paid balance before statement date to keep utilization down. Income is ~150k. The only thing I can think of that may have triggered this is I put a ton of spend across different cards last week. 3.5k for a friends bday party at a club, bottle service/vip area (which everyone chipped in to pay for anyway), 3k for new furniture, 600 prepay of car ins, and 1k for a couple wedding gifts.
I have a chase checking account which used to be my main checking account, but with no branches withing 20+ miles I moved over most of my money elsewhere. Just keep the minimum in my acct + have 2-3k in direct deposits coming in per month.

Addtional information:
Checking and savings acct 3 years (avg balance 30k till I moved now just keep minimum in each). Cf 4/16, csp(pced recently to cfu in feb this year) 7/16, csr 10/16. Ritz 2/17, Hyatt 2/17. Ihg 4/5. No, only deposits into my account were checks, work direct deposits, dividend distributions. Aaoa is about 2 years with oldest card being 10yrs. Credit utilization always under 5%, 0 derogatory marks, 100% payment history and 13 credit cards total. Ck score of 720.

Update: Spoke to chase rep, they said the closure was due to too many open cards with them, not enough credit information, and too many inquiries. They said they would look into reconsideration after I gave them a bunch of additional information about my financials + recent purchases. They also clarified account was cancelled 4/17.

Update 2: I've received the cancellation letter for all my cards. Says exactly the above as the reasons for cancellation in addition to saying I have 30 days to use or transfer my points or lose them.

Chase called me this morning and told me all my counts were reinstated WOOHOOO! So my guess is that it was the spike in purchases + new applications. Imagine I got bailed out due to the additional financial information I provided and some context for the large purchases (plus i had made sure everything got paid off immediately).
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