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Originally Posted by brody24 View Post
They used to allow one-way for half the price of round trip, but recently switched it to round trip only. As for open jaw, they allow it, but you pay the higher mileage cost if you start/end in two different zones. Same goes if you want to fly on different classes.

I told them I want to do San Fran to Tokyo, and then Tokyo to NY. They said thats fine, but the mileage cost would be the cost of an "eastern US to Japan" round trip (even though the first leg is from western US, which usually has lower mileage cost). And they said, if I do biz class there, and first class back, I get charged the first class round trip amount of miles. So it would never make sense to make one leg a lower class since it saves you nothing.

Spoke to two separate Flying Club reps, just to confirm, and both gave me precisely the same info above.
Assuming the OP's question was related to ANA awards, a) one-way's were never permitted. Or at least it has been that way for a couple years now. b) open jaws are permitted and there is no higher mileage cost concept. ANA redemptions are based on distance. For example: VS charges 120k miles for ANA F redemptions between 11,001-14,000 miles. It doesn't matter if you travel, NRT-JFK-NRT or NRT-JFK; LAX-NRT, you will charged based on total distance. In this case, you were quotes 120k miles because, NRT-LAX-NRT is just under 11,001 miles (10,902 to be precise). Whereas, NRT-JFK-NRT and NRT-JFK; LAX-NRT are over 11,001 but under 14,000 miles
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