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Hi All,

As promised, here are images/info from my recent holiday LGW - JER.

On the way out I requested Asian Vegetarian, my partner Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian. I was feeling a little self conscious, so didn't take a picture of the meal, but did of the 'dessert'.

It was a late afternoon flight. Both mains were pretty much the same - cold veg salad consisting of boiled potatoes, asparagus, etc. The LOV had pearl mozzarella and half a boiled egg, the AV had instead of that some more potatoes and 'bonus' olives. Was offered bread.

The dessert was as follows:

On the way back, having learned my lesson that I wasn't going to be presented with some exotic curry, I requested the Lacto-Ovo Meal. Our flight was the 'brunch' time slot I believe? Image below. Was offered bread...

I tried very hard not to ask for the cheese off one of the 'standard' meals being handed out
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