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If it's declined will show at card issuer as declined. Does it? Or does it show as authorized. It's most likely not declined, just that Dullta has a very buggy system for phone agents now and if AVS match isn't exact, then the Dullta system will VOID the AUTHORIZED charge.

Make sure that you give all the digits and zip code (5 or 9 digits, as on file with card issuer) to DL exactly as the card issuer has it. Any slightest mismatch in the address, or if the card issuer doesn't support AVS, will result in Dullta voiding the authorized transaction.

This has most likely nothing to do with card issuer and has to do with DL having a buggy and untested system for payment processing by its phone reps. It's a well known and documented problem, present for the last few years (ever since the downgrade in the res system). Basically, the Dullta developers never put in the error response and handling for AVS address mismatch or N/A - so it gets stuck at that point and the transaction will void (no way to handle it any other way, that part of the code never got done), and for years Dullta hasn't bothered to fix it, though they know it has to be fixed. The workaround is to get someone to use the old reservations/ticketing system which has a more functional payment gateway, as I've been told.
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