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Chacun à son goût

No idea if this will impress the ladies, but over the years I've been adding more and more oats (and nuts--walnuts or pecans) to the recipe until the cookies won't hold together, so now I bake it in a square pyrex dish and carve it up like blondies. Obviously a tad OT then, but the more oats you put in, the healthier they become.

I also use bittersweet, high-cacao chunks instead of CCs; splenda instead of sugar (though I still use some brown sugar); whole-wheat flour; and I put tons of sea salt in. You'd be amazed at the zing you get from serious salt, no matter which recipe you're using. It makes them come alive and takes away the sticky, cloying thing that most CC cookies have going on.

If you want to cut down on fat (veg oil) you can replace a lot of it with applesauce. Have fun experimenting!
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