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I do not doubt your efforts, but AT&T's online site makes it pretty easy to see exactly what you have, and what various plan options are available to add. For future needs, I definitely recommend getting more familiar with the site, to save you from future frustration.

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I assumed nothing. I googled the feature name, then checked it myself online, and saw no relevant features either specifically mentioned as active or available to activate. That's when and why I went to the store, and the store employees didn't see anything either, and asked a "veteran" clerk who said they eliminated separate products for that feature because it was silly to have to activate it separately. They mentioned what it used to be called (the same feature name I was looking for when I logged in myself), and showed me on their iPad where it used to live. It wasn't there any longer, and they said that's because it's automatically included/activated for everybody now.

I did everything right, exhausting self-service first and then confirming with multiple employees, and it still turned into a billing disaster.
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