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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
Very easy. There is a flight connection route in VCE but at that hour it may well be closed, but you'll see the sign to turn right for it as you come down the main corridor so you could still give it a try. If not, turn left and just go out through main arrivals, turn right, up the central escalators to departures, through security (you'll be the only punter at that hour and they are fairly quick there) through the shops and on to passport control, which is close to the BA gate. If you only have hand luggage it isn't as good as AMS, but not far off. The lounge, which you probably won't have time for, is above the shopping area, but before passports.

Generally VCE prices also apply for MXP and LIN. MXP is particularly good for transfers, LIN has a bus bit, but isn't bad.
Just a quick update on VCE, as there's been a lot of construction, and I notice it's not on the wiki (also relevant if you're on one of those insanely cheap QR ex-VCE J fares, and taking advantage of QR's through checking of luggage to BA). It's still very easy, and I'd say much easier than MXP now - less walking.

Arrivals segregated from departures, but there appears to be a non-Schengen security channel manned by some very bored people at the bottom of the escalator before passport control. The route back upstairs then deposits you in the small non-Schengen gate area (shop, café, fast & free wifi, but no lounge). I didn't try it this time, as BA obviously doesn't check through to QR, but it looks pretty foolproof, and the easiest turnaround place in Italy (albeit not SVG, BGO or AMS for the *really* lazy)

However, if you exit immigration, things can get a bit harder as main security queues can snake out the terminal door if you hit it at the wrong time.
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