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QR Interlining (Baggage)

Qatar Airways will again interlink baggage on itineraries on separate PNRs as of 1 March 2017, as long as MCT / Minimum Connection Times are met.

This policy update occurred 23 Feb 2017 in the QR ground operations manual, was found by Australian Business Traveller and verified by a Qatar Airways spokesperson.

See Qatar Airways ditches Oneworld's (sic) restrictive baggage rules (link) by David Flynn, 26 Feb 2017.

As verified by Australian Business Traveller, Qatar Airways is veering away from the oneworld policy introduced in 2016 allowing oneworld airlines to decline interlining baggage for passengers ticketed on separate PNRs (Passenger Name Records). Most one world airlines, including QR, adopted this policy speedily, causing those flying on separate PNRs to recover their baggage at their connection airport falling between PNRs and to check it in with the continuing airline, meaning in some cases retrIrving baggage, having to process immigration and customs officially arriving at an interim international country, rechecking landslide and on those occasions using departure immigration. Highly inconvenient, but often cheaper than having all flights on a single PNR. (Also see Gary Leff's article here.)

Of course, to take best advantage of this, your originating flight must be operated by QR.

E.g. SFO-LAX on AA connecting to QR LAX-DOH-CMB on separate PNRs, AA will check your baggage to LAX, where you must recover landside, transfer it to the QR desks (moving to TBIT later this Spring) and recheck your bags.

If you connect from AA to QR at LHR, AA will require you to process immigration, recover your bags, process customs, arriving in the UK, transferring your baggage as necessary and checking in with QR or other connecting airline - AA, as do most oneworld airlines, will require this as they take advantage of oneworld's interlining ruling to enhance revenue and discourage passengers flying on separate PNRs.

But if you check in with QR as an originating flight and you have separate PNRs at DOH to your destination, even to another oneworld airline, QR will interline your bags as long as you fulfill MCT at DOH - you'll not have to process immigration, recover baggage, process Qatari customs and then again check in for your ongoing flight; merely use the usual transit procedures, as QR will forward your baggage to your ongoing QR or oneworld flight.

oneworld airlines that will through check baggage on separate PNRs:

Cathay Pacific - CX (as of 1 Jan 2017); Japan Airlines -JL as of Oct 2016 Malaysia Airlines - MH (has consistently through checked); Qatar Airways - QR. See Wikipost for this thread in oneworld forum.

I hope this will signal a growing defection of airlines from the passenger unfriendly oneworld interline changes. I know regardless, it incentivises me to fly QR on long multi-sector multi-PNR routes.

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