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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post

Does this change mean that now non-elite can purchase the thrones that were previously blocked?
And how does this play on day of departure? Wonder if I'll be able to get a throne for free next week at check-in?

This is one of the arrogant little LX games that drives me nuts. But I got a great fare and routing, so I have to keep reminding myself to let it go . . . .
This is the same strategy that LH/OS/LX did for the exit row (and bulkhead) seats in Y, which used to be blocked for SEN/HON until check-in starts and then available to anybody for a charge. I guess the difference is that I would argue that there is a considerable increase in comfort from a normal Y to an exit-row Y seat (certainly for people that are as tall as I am), whereas I would argue that I am not sure how many C passengers would pay for a single seat. I guess it will also depend on the prize tag and I would be surprised if it is not at least 50 CHF/EUR!?
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