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Originally Posted by Happy
Shops asked which currency to use but the option to punch is not uniform. Have seen at one shop option 1 represents AED, option 2 represents home currency and then the exact opposite sequence is found at the next shop.

Then at an Iraqui restaurant in the Al Rigga neighborhood, far from the tourist area but in the heart of the "local foreigners" area, I forgot to tell a waiter to use AED when he asked if I could pay cash. Nope, didn't have enough AED with me only had cards. I was distracted and forgot to emphasize to use AED. He came back with a "customer copy" that showed AED or USD but it did not even require a signature and was a done deal in USD.

The bill was below $50 - $47.xx to be exact - billed as $49.49. So the DCC is at 5%. I saw the pending was $47.xx in the correct translation but the actual posting was $49.49. Kind of strange because I have never seen a nonDCC pending then a DCCed posting.

Since the absolute amount is just $2.50 I am not going to dispute it even though I was never given an option.

At the Dubai Mall the US burger chain Five Guys just ran the card in AED without any option to choose.

In Hong Kong now. Had dim sum at Jade Garden at Star House by the Star Ferry. Again the waitress told me "HKD ONLY. We don't take Union Pay!"
Had a new pair of glasses made. The payment went straight to HKD.

So I gather that the DCC in Hong Kong largely confine at hotels and restaurants appeal to expats.

File online dispute after returning home.
1) There is NO option for the foreign currency exchange dispute. However when picked Overcharged / Different Amount Charged, there is a note showed up if you are disputing due to Foreign Currency Conversion, use "Other" - the last option on the list.
2) You need to pick Full amount because if it is partial and small, the next screen would not give you a box (limit to 1000 characters) to put in the details.
3) Choose Full, and Other, the next screen gives you a box to list our your reason (other than those listed as options) to dispute. Pay attention on the allowed special characters and do not use any outside the allowed. Else you will get error message when you hit submit.
4) There is an auto email confirmation after the submission of dispute, informing you it will take up to 5 business days before Chase contact you.

I did this on Feb 6. Received a phone call from Indian Call Center on recorded line today Feb 8 around noon EST. The rep identified himself as calling from Chase Card Services and the call was on recorded line. He has heavy accent but he made an effort to speak slowly. He verified with me on the situation - that the merchant failed to bill in local currency despite being told to do so, and the merchant refused to reverse the DCCed amount and redid the transaction in local currency.

He then told me Chase will issue a temporary credit (haven't seen it yet) and I do not have to pay that amount while in dispute.
Chase will inform the merchant of the dispute and request the merchant to rebill in UAE Dirham the local currency.
The merchant has 45 days to do it.
If the merchant fails to rebill within the stipulated time frame, the credit will then become permanent.
Chase will send me a letter to detail the above in the next 5 to 7 business days.

At the end of the call when I asked if there was a reference number of the case, he said unfortunately no there wasn't but he could give me his full name. He made an effort spelt out his full name in the form of the airline format to make sure I got it right.

So yes, everyone should dispute the charges if the merchants fail to comply with the Visa or MC rules to offer customer the options on which currency to use.
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