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FT corners....

SYD T3 - as you enter the lounge, go straight ahead until you hit the windows (almost). Turn left, and walk as far as you can, again until you hit the windows (almost). You will now be in the new sction, polished wooden flooring. Turn right, and THAT corner is the FT corner.

BNE - turn left as you enter, go past th bar and the food, until you get to the new section. Turn right, and go as far as you can to the end. THAT is the FT corner.

MEL - after going through reception, turn RIGHT, and then left. Go right to the very end, the corner overlooking the international terminal. THAT is the FT corner.

(Now all we need is FT corners in CBR, SYD T2, ADL and PER).


(willyroo, this still needs a stickie, to explain to newbies why we have those codes).
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