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What is going on here? A few months ago I paid for a hotel in Germany with this and got about 5% below the spot rate, which I have NEVER had happen with a credit card. Today, I just paid a hotel in Japan with it, and it is pending on my statement at 110.3 JPY to the USD, when the spot rate is 115. I wrote it off the first time to some kind of rapid change in the currency market as to when I actually paid, but now this is twice with the same card. Also, I did not agree to any DCC, and this was from major hotels before where I have stayed previously. Am I the only one with this?
Did you stay at the exact location previously, and bill it with the same card network? Or just others in the chain?
I recently stayed at the Marriott Regents Park in London and they used DCC despite every communication I received from them portraying costs in pounds. Other Marriott hotels abroad have not done this.
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