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Originally Posted by tmiw View Post
Maybe it depends on the local agency? I-15 Express Lanes in San Diego County definitely counts as travel if you reload through the website.
It definitely does, and it'd make sense that LA Metro would be the agency that does it wrong--LACMTA is mainly a transit agency but also runs the 10 and 110 express lanes, so they probably run all their payments through a single account. It's been a few years since I lived in LA, but I seem to recall LACMTA transit fares not getting the points bonus for travel either.

NorCal FasTrak counts as travel, or at least did when I had one. Another poster reports that the OC toll roads charges also count as travel.

FasTrak is like EZPass: the tags are all interoperable, but multiple agencies administer the accounts. Whether you get the travel credit depends on whether the agency with which you have an account codes its charges as tolls or as 'government services'.

(Useless amusing trivia: New Hampshire's state liquor stores used to code their charges as 'government services' which always made me laugh.)
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