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Sorry to break the streak here and I know this technically falls under 2016 but my Cap One Spark Biz got shutdown in early Dec 2016 due to activity "past or prior use inconsistent with personal, household or business-related purposes".

To be fair I had the card for about 2 years and was using it mainly to buy Simon GCs and Visa Buxx loading to maximize my 2% spending as well as normal spending that didn't fall into categories for the 2%. It didn't bother me too much since I was not using the Spark card much anymore due to the Fidelity Amex 2% card changing to a Fidelity Visa 2% card back in June 2016 which I now use to load Visa Buxx. Also my anniversary was in Jan so it saved me for the $39 AF.

What hurts the most is the hit to my CS since my CL was in the mid-5 figures for the Spark card and Capital One for some reason reports Biz Cards on your credit report. However the only good thing is on Credit Karma, it shows that Capital One reported in the Remarks section of "Account closed by consumer request" to Transunion and Equifax. Unlike Amex which reported in the Remarks section "Account closed by credit grantor" for my OBC shutdown back in Dec 2015.

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