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Switch to China Southern?

Hi All,

I'm looking at switching my business to China Southern. I fly frequently (5-6x per year) from SFO to CAN. CZ serves this direct on a 787. I've been on United forever, but I'm looking to switch because I can cut a significant amount of time off my trip by going direct and many hours over the course of a year.

I always fly economy because I'm paying the bill myself. I'm currently 1K with United, but that is a fluke. Most years I'm at the platinum level, but with the increased PQD requirements that looks to be unrealistic in the future. I've been upgraded exactly once in all the years of flying across the pacific. My upgrades all get used for domestic flights.

Presumably, I'd stick with United/Southwest for domestic.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the China Southern SkyPearl program. How does is work out? Is there a superior option for socking away the miles?

Any strong opinions?

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