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Thanks all for the pointers. Sadly, I'm told from colleagues that calling the agency that booked me will be my most expensive and least-helpful option. But perhaps this is where a decent insurance policy will keep me from eating those costs personally, assuming that the reason for the misconnect (and the fact that it isn't a true connection) is covered.

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Does the organization provide travel insurance or will it buy travel insurance for you?

BTW, for where you're going, you should have emergency medical evacuation coverage.
It's entitlement R&R travel through the USG, so any change fees are all on me if the itinerary I requested falls through. I'd also have to get my own insurance, which is where I'm leaning now. I do have perhaps some of the best medevac options in the world though through work, but I hope to not try it out

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OP - is everything on the same PNR? If so I would check with the agency that booked you regarding what IRROPs protections are and how they, as the booking agent, can provide you with primary IRROPs service.
Sadly, no, it's a Frankenstein's Monster of a ticket because of Fly America constraints. So it's 4 different PNRs as we make our way on this trip, but mercifully this is the only time we connect between two different airlines on a single day.

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It's not DL, but KLM who'll be making an exception on DoD. I wouldn't call DL and mention Emirates at all. They don't even interline and are the worst of friends.
I really would call KLM, even if it's a DL ticket and we connect in AMS on DL metal to the US and beyond?
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