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Posted my review of this in the Scotch thread but think it warrants a mention here since this thread has broadened a bit to cover all Japanese Whisky, not just NRT/HND duty free options.

There is a new Suntory expression that's only available in the US and Canada but appears to be widely available within the US/Canada. It's called Suntory Toki. MSRP is $40 but it's available for less (at least in NC where it's $29.99). It's a blend of whiskies from Hakushu, Yamazaki, and Chita distilleries.


I bought a bottle and tasted it last night, it was nothing special - seems better suited for a highball (which I think is what they are going to while capitalizing on it being "Japanese Whisky" to charge a premium over typical highball whisky).

Nonetheless for those based in the US who follow this thread closely, it might worth checking out.
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