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Originally Posted by Hammer0425 View Post
Not blaming the person but if they are an airline employee flying standby I imagine that there's a provision to sitting in any cabin that you can't request special accommodations that as a result reduce the service that paying passengers get.
No such provision. If a wheelchair is needed for NRSA, it's handled the same way it would be for ANY customer, be it on a revenue ticket, a free ticket due to loyalty, or a discounted ticket due to employment benefit Discrimination based on any protected characteristics exist regardless of how you became a customer/passenger. In some cases, the law may not have developed to regulate it, but the concept still applies.

On nuts, UA's policy is quite undefined.

Most severe nut allergies are to peanuts, but people are allergic to other nuts too, and as you see on menus and packaging, they are often packaged in facilities with cross-contamination. I'm betting that heating them up makes the aresolization more intense too.
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