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Originally Posted by us2 View Post
This thread is something else.
When the stated speed limit is 55mph, I know very well that going over it is against the law and may get me a ticket. But I also know that law enforcement has a different limit - they won't pull me over unless I'm well over 62mph. So if I stick to driving at 60mph, I am technically against the law, but the law enforcers will not come after me, which doesn't mean what I am doing is right. This is the "grey zone." You can tell me that if I know that I am wrong, then I should drive at 55. For which I'll just say "sure thing!" and continue driving at 60 anyway as long as I know it's safe. Would it get me a ticket one day? Probably. But the odds are slim.

OP, do what you feel is right, and just don't talk about it. Talk to the FA first if you want to. 99% of the people here have driven in that grey zone and are mostly here to say "no, I'm the righteous one that will never do anything wrong." Besides, those who are firmly against it will most likely say nothing even if they see the switch in front of them - they will just come to Flyertalk and complain about it.
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