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Originally Posted by esfox View Post
Thanks, Palal. Very helpful.

We're not paranoid people, but understand that, to first-time travelers to this region, all the information about street and public-transport pick-pocketing and petty theft is overwhelming - from all kinds of reliable sources. To be fair, the focus is more on our final destination of Barcelona than Portugal!
DO be careful with pickpockets in Barcelona. In Lisbon, the biggest threat of pickpockets is on the historic trams where they do exist in nonzero quantities. Otherwise, unless you're prone to attracting them by the way you look and act, I'd say your chances of getting pickpocketed is marginally smaller than in more established tourist destinations, though unfortunately with the influx of tourists to Portugal in the last few years, this situation may change for the worse (though I hope I'm wrong!).

Also, compared to Barcelona, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the number of people speaking English in both Lisbon and Porto.

For Portuguese local and long-distance train/metro transport, do automated machines accept chip-and-signature credit cards, not just chip-and-pin?
Portugal has its own payment system called Multibanco, and all machines take that. When it comes to taking Visa/MC/Amex, it varies. Local metros do not accept international cards, however the train ticket machines (and ticket windows) do take Visa/MC. You'll also find that many family-owned restaurants may take multibanco but not visa, though acceptance rate of visa/mc is increasing.

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You can buy the tickets right there. Research beforehand from which lisbon station it departs (I think appolonia).
The OP

The OP is taking the train going the other way. All trains stop at Lisboa-Oriente, and then continue either to Lisboa-Entrecampos (if the train's continuing to the Algarve) or Lisboa-Santa Apolonia (if the train's terminating in Lisbon). Oriente is on the metro red line, Santa Apolonia is at the end of the Blue line, and Entrecampos is on the Yellow line.

If you want flexibility, purchase the tickets right before departure, but do take note that trains can and do sell out. Also ticket queues can move slowly at ticket windows and at ticket machines.

Originally Posted by Bakpapier View Post
The only specific 'threat' to Portugal that I haven't seen elsewhere is the drug dealers.
They're harmless and they seem to be disappearing (a few raids by the immigration police have thinned out their ranks).

P.S. there's also an PT/ES/Gib forum that will have many useful threads for you on both Spain and Portugal.
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