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Question Porto -> Lisbon by Train?

Heading from the US for October trip to Porto then Lisbon then Spain.

We arranged our flights to fly into Porto and then from LIS->BCN, assuming we'd take the train from OPO->LIS based on our research.

We're not backpackers, so we'll each have a roller, a personal bag (purse and laptop-sized), and a large suitcase. Obviously, we're American tourists in terms of packing habits but not in ignorant behavior. I'd appreciate your help with a couple of questions:
  1. Is carrying these bags on board practical? I'm sure it's done frequently, but I'm not assuming it's easy.
  2. Since the suitcase and perhaps the roller are unlikely to be in reach from our seats, are stowed bags safe from pilferage or outright theft? Relatively speaking, of course - anything bad can happen to any traveler at any time anywhere.
  3. What's the best and safest way to get to and from this train from the hotels? With pickpockets molesting visitors right outside the airport these days, it's better to ask you experts unabashedly!

Despite the short duration of a similar flight, I imagine the total airport, flight duration, and hotel transfer isn't shorter than the train's elapsed time.

Thanks for helping a first time visitor to the region!
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