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Originally Posted by MisterSelfish View Post
Now that I have a kid, however, the thought of just sitting around and enjoying a meal sounds amazing, so we're trying to break out of our comfort zone.
I undertand where you are coming from. Who's looking after your kiddie? I'd love to take a trip like that with my wife.

Anyways, I too am hardly qualified to comment on this topic, as it's possible I've never spent >$60 per person on a meal outside of Hong Kong. Don't get me wrong, I love fancy places once in a while... but I only go to those places for lunch (when it's substantially cheaper) or if someone else is paying.

Having said that, let me propose a couple places in Tokyo that you could consider. I don't know that many high-end restaurants, but I like these two.
-- Sense at Mandarin Oriental: I go to HKG every year, so of course it's not the best dim sum I've had. But the view is just amazing and so are the service and ambiance. A nice meal for <$50 with that type of view in a 5-star hotel is hard to beat. (I've only been there for lunch)
-- Tofutei at Gajoen: Kaiseki restaurant at the gorgeous Gajoen complex. Gajoen just offers a wonderful setting. Lunch courses can be had for <$40. I've only had lunch there, and dinners are a lot more expensive.
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