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Originally Posted by rowenb View Post
(1) If my seat had changed, why wouldn't the boarding pass in the Delta app have changed? I've come to expect from the United app that the boarding pass on my phone changes dynamically, e.g., when I'm upgraded at the gate I usually learn it via the app before the GA gets around to calling me. Is the Delta app behind the times in that regard?
Yes. To this day, if your seat changes, whether by your choice or the GA's, the app's BP does not change. Even European LCCs have this feature working.

Originally Posted by rowenb View Post
(2) More generally, shouldn't the GA have paged me for a new boarding pass when changing my seat?
Again, yes, but perhaps the GA was hoping you'd just accept the new assignment without saying anything.

Originally Posted by rowenb View Post
(3) The fact that the GA seemed to know the passenger whose seat she gave me makes me think that said passenger was a nonrev. Do non-revs on DL get priority for C+?
They shouldn't, but that doesn't mean there aren't any rogue GAs. We have a whole thread on this board about shenanigans GAs sometimes pull when it comes to the first class upgrade list, and sadly, it wouldn't surprise me at all if we need one for Comfort+ too.

Please write DL and report this GA. There's no excuse for their behavior--it sounds like they tried to pull the wool over your eyes and you smartly wouldn't let them do it.
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