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Originally Posted by oliver2002 View Post
Wait a minute... didn't you recently post the following?
Indeed. It may be worth repeating some forum closure advice given recently:

Originally Posted by bdschobel
I posit that Flyertalk should give more weight to people who want forums retained than to people who want forums removed. The latter group gains essentially nothing by getting their way. They can easily just not go to a part of this site that they see as unnecessary or redundant. The former group actually would lose something they value. Whose interests should Talkboard serve?
Originally Posted by sbm12
This thread is almost certainly going to play out the same as that forum: A handful shouting loudly that their views are so important that FT MUST give them a place to be heard.
That's how this forum was created in the first place so why would a thread on EMPR be any different?

Originally Posted by SkiAdcock
And interesting response (which encompasses a lot of things pertaining to the forum:

Yes, a reminder than not only did I point out 2+ years ago that EMPR consisted almost exclusively about talking about bloggers as OP now finds but that post came in a debate which saw many members - yourself included - supportive of moving the forum into Miles & Points section which luckily didn't happen.

As I wasn't in favor of EMPR from the start it wouldn't trouble me to see it shuttered however given TB's reluctance to close forums with topics that don't easily fit elsewhere as was so recently reiterated it would be very hypocritical to close this one for reasons of content.
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