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Originally Posted by DrRodneyMcKay
However, there are some other purchases that are a little more nebulous to me. For example, if you purchase tickets online to shows (and often small theatres, classical concert venues, etc...will use third party ticket services) will that count? (there must be a million of those third party ticket services). What about thinks like stubhub and discount ticket retailers? Do thematic entertainment cruises/cruises that are also "tours" relating to a particular franchise count as entertainment or travel?
OTOH TicketMaster, LiveNation, & StubHub should be coded as such. Not sure about random one-of online sellers.

Originally Posted by DrRodneyMcKay
Also, though this might be of little interest to other flyertalkers, what about purchases for fan conventions? Thinks like comic cons, etc? They're usually run by companies like Creation Entertaintment or Wizarding World, whose name would suggest they count as "entertainment" but does anyone have any experience with whether they actually do?
They shouldn't count, though YMMV depending on how it's coded (though highly doubtful any will work). For me, New York Comic-con & PAX East did not code 2x.

Interestingly enough, if you're looking for a card that has convention bonuses, the Marvel Mastercard does, as shown in the terms and conditions:

Marvel Online and Convention Purchases – purchases made with your Card solely via: (a) the following Marvel digital and/or online storefronts: (i) Marvel Digital Comics Shop, (ii), (iii) Marvel Unlimited, and (iv) Marvel Print Subscriptions; (b) Marvel’s official merchandise booths at designated comic conventions; and (c) any other Marvel-branded digital or physical stores designated by Marvel. registration may be required in order to purchase at Purchases on third party websites linked to from the website or apps (e.g., sites operated by third party advertisers) are not eligible purchases at
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