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Statement Datapoints

Just got my last statement and had some interesting datapoints.
  • Received 3x points for online purchase but had to dispute a couple charges and they only clawed back 1x points
  • Used card to pay for Google online storage classed as MerchandiseMISC DIRECT MARKETING-CONTINUITY SUBSCRIPTION
    and only counted for 1x points
  • Bought from online and merchant code was MerchandiseFURNITURE,HOME FURNISHING/EQUIPMENT but only counted as 1x
  • Bought giftcard online from classed as MerchandiseMISCELLANEOUS/SPECIALTY RETAIL STORES and only counted as 1x
  • All my amazon purchases from video on demand, marketplace, and prime day were 3x points
  • purchased costco membership online from classed as MerchandiseMISC GENERAL MERCHANDISE NOT CLASSIFIED and 3x points
  • applied to rent apartment online from Equity Residential MGM Chicago, IL classed as MiscellaneousREAL ESTATE AGENTS AND MANAGERS RENTALS and received 3x points
  • Payment for NFL season tickets classed as EntertainmentTHEATRICAL PRODUCTS-EXCEPT MOTION PICS and received 3x points
  • purchased online from furniture store classed as MerchandiseELECTRONIC STORES and received 3x points
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