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Day break over the Australian outback.

Cabin lights turned on, hot towels distributed and breakfast was served about 1h45m before arrival. Luckily on this flight, the crew used some common sense and decided not to stick to the "breakfast served 2.5hrs before arrival" rule, which would be ridiculous on such a short red-eye flight. Also, with the less than full cabin, there was still plenty of time for service.

Choices for breakfast were Nasi Lemak or Scrambled eggs.

Breakfast tray, which came with fruits, yoghurt, roll with butter and preserve. Note the comeback of the glass tumbler for wines/juices. Apparently the use of glass tumblers in economy is only on selected "premium" flights and the crew themselves were equally confused on which flights have it as most flights are still using the plastic tumblers. Had an orange juice and coffee with my breakfast.

Chose the nasi lemak, which is rather flavourful, though could be a bit spicy for the non-Asians.

Sun is up.

After breakfast service is completed, a crew came over with my pre-ordered Krisshop item of the newly-launched "Singapore Girl" Hello Kitty! Apparently this was very popular and got sold out on most flights! Best to pre-order it online, but only restricted to flight departing from SIN.

View of the cabin.

Note the generous recline.

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