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Seat maps in FLY

As flights cut over to FLY (all flights Worldwide will be completed by August 2016) you will start to see a change in the seatmaps from -72 hrs. Historically at -72hrs you could see all seats that were not occupied, but now at -72hrs you will start to see a lot of restricted seats and this is due to a process called ‘Theoretical seating’.

•Any seat with a T or / symbol – should be considered as occupied. These seats are being held for high value customers who just haven’t checked in or had a seat assigned yet.
•Key to FLY is recognising premium customers. We will only reserve seats for premium customers and protect seats for unallocated customers with special requirements who really need them (WCHC, BSCT, INFT, PETC, BULK, CBBG, DEPA, DEPU, UMNR, DIPH, MEDA, Prem, Gold, Emerald, Silver, Sapphire, J, C, Y fares, BLND, EXST, CHLD, DEAF, DSAB, WCHS, Groups over 10).
•If we override T or / seats we may be displacing any of the above customers if they haven’t had their seats allocated for any particular reason (i.e.: late bookings)

To ensure our premium passengers and paid seating revenue is not impacted please adhere to the following:
•Prem/Gold/Silver Execs can obtain free seating from the time of booking, for themselves and all passengers within their booking (max of 7)
•We have identified an increase in the no. of seats taken by passengers that are no longer traveling with the Exec member and this is taking away choice from BA’s high yield passengers
•Should the Exec member date change, be divided from the original booking and therefore no longer be on the same flight as the other passengers, then all seat numbers for the non-Execs should be removed
•Passengers that are no longer travelling with the Prem/Gold/Silver should have seats removed and take part in ‘Paid Seating’.
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