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Let me once again thank you for your participation. For you to come here and engage in this debate with us shows me that you take your job very seriously. I LOVE a good debate and I also am very interested in the point of view from a front line TSA employee.

As tazi wrote, in the past, I could lock my luggage. If the lock was tampered with, then I could deal with the airline right there and then. Now, if anything is missing, the airline is going to point directly at the TSA.

As for your suggestion about using a cable tie, I like it, but given the vast inconsistency exhibited by the TSA, I would be reluctant to use one. Knowing my luck, my bag/case would be damaged by a screener with an attitude problem trying to teach me a lesson.

All I really want is consistency. The TSA has had 15 Months to get ramped up. The "give us time" excuse is running out of steam.

They had 15 months to get ready for bag inspections. How in gods name could they have forgotten to order the "Tamper-Evident Seals"?
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