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3. Way up north in Canada’s Northwest Territory, three airlines vie for your patronage on the fiercely competitive route between Yellowknife (YZF) and Cambridge Bay (YCB). Two of the airlines operate mainline jet equipment while the other utilizes a turbo-prop. Identify each airline and its respective equipment.

5. Further perusal of the 1992 summer schedule reveals a single airline providing the only all economy configured flights between New York area airports and Ft. Lauderdale. Three flights per day are offered, one each from Long Island’s MacArthur Airport (ISP), New Jersey’s Newark International (EWR) and New York’s Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Identify the airline and the single aircraft type it operates on these three routes.
HINT: It ain't Carnival.

6. In mid-1992, passengers desiring nonstop transport between Anchorage and Honolulu were limited to this once a week, Saturday only flight. Identify the airline and aircraft involved.
Who the heck izzit? We know it ain't Hawaiian Air...

10. If you wanted to take advantage of Fifth Freedom rights to fly foreign carriers within North America, Montreal probably offered more options than any other city on the continent. Let’s examine just a couple here: Identify the two foreign airlines operating between Montreal and Chicago. While you’re at it, go ahead and identify which type of aircraft each airline operated on the route.
C'mon now - Montreal to Chicago! Maybe the ultimate 5th Freedom route in North America over the years. Both airlines are European...


21. If you live in Nashville and want to fly to West Palm Beach, there’s only one flight per day, albeit a one-stop flight. It’s got some vintage equipment though, and a cheap fare to boot. Identify the airline, the equipment and the enroute stop.


31. Per the North American OAG referenced for this question, there are four foreign airlines serving Miami with 727-100 equipment. Interestingly, only two routes are involved, i.e. two airlines per each route. Given the regions covered by this OAG, identify the four airlines and – if you like – you may also have a go at the relevant routes.
Hanair & Haiti Trans Air flying PAP-MIA have been correctly identified. The other route is CUN-MIA on which TAESA has also been identified. We need one more... (No esta Mexicana) C'mon, you Gringos! Gimme the right answer!!


37. Lots of airlines provide service between the three Washington DC area airports and Chicago. However, only one airline provides nonstop service between Washington’s Dulles International and Chicago’s Midway Airport. Your mission – should you decide to accept it – is to identify both the airline and the aircraft utilized on this route.

40. You want to fly from Chicago to Las Vegas – but man oh man – the fares sure are expensive! But hey! Further investigation reveals that if you’re willing to depart out of Midway Airport – located on the city’s south side – there are two airlines that offer substantially cheaper fares. Identify both airlines as well as the aircraft that each airline operates.
ATA with a 727-200 was one of the airlines...

44. It’s a damp, wintery afternoon in southern Ohio when you get a call from an old friend requesting the pleasure of your company for a weekend of scuba diving in the Cayman Islands. You’re already thinking of how to get there before she’s even completed her request. Thankfully an ad in the Travel Section of last Sunday’s Cincinnati Enquirer shows you the way – a Saturday only nonstop departure straight from Cincinnati to Grand Cayman. Right on! Identify the airline and the aircraft you’ll be flying upon.
HINT: The airline has "International" as part of its title. It shares its name with another airline - One went by "Airlines", the other by "Airways"

48. This airline provided a less expensive option to Air Canada and Canadian Airlines with twice daily one stop service between Calgary and Toronto. Identify the airline, the aircraft and the intermediate stop.
HINT: It's not WestJet

49. Who’d’ve ever thought that there would be sufficient demand to offer not one but three nonstop flights between Nashville and Colorado Springs? Not me. But yes, it turns out that in 1997 there are three almost daily jet flights between these two cities. Identify the airline and the aircraft utilized, please.

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