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Originally Posted by Seat 2A
All well and good. Replying to the variety of responses, hopefully in a timely manner, is an equally less than trivial effort.

Over the years I feel like between jlemon and myself, we've kept the flow of questions rolling along surprisingly well with very few extended breaks. I obviously can't speak for jlemon's schedule, but with the upcoming peak season work schedule I've bid it'll be at least mid-July and probably later before I'll be presenting any new questions. The potential is for there to be quite an extended break, and my comments toward the time and effort that go into compiling and responding to these questions is given in the spirit of preparing participants for that eventuality. It may be deemed unnecessary at this point, but the OTAQ&D has taken on quite a bit of momentum over the years and I can't help but feel a bit badly if in any way I'm responsible for diminishing that.

Additionally, I kind of liked leaving all of the questions - answered and unanswered - out there. It seemed easy enough to discern those which had not yet been answered by virtue of their black print. Still, if this approach is deemed excessively difficult to navigate, I am not averse to eschewing it for the traditional style.
Originally Posted by moondog View Post
I really appreciate your efforts on the question and answer front, and support whatever approach is best for you, but I will say that I like it when answered questions are deleted in reply updates.

Switching topics, I'm looking forward to the next set, and hope to answer at least one question. The problem is, since I wasn't alive during that era, I will presumably need to rely on Google and also get lucky.
Thank you, moondog. The 40s and 50s and to some extent even the 60s predate me as well. Still, the interest that fuels acquiring even schedules that predate me has been fostered over many years, since I was but a mere grade school student in fact. I expect the same holds true for some of our fellow participants.

Growing up in the pre-internet days meant writing off to the airlines for complimentary timetables and picking up used OAGs from the local travel agencies. And, once I got ahold of a schedule, it was oh so easy for a borderline Asberger guy like myself to spend literally hours documenting where every DC-8 or L1011 flew to or what cities and routes were being served by the new widebodied jets. As I grew older, I got into airports, visiting every jet capable airport in California and all but one of the 32 served by the bright yellow aircraft of Hughes Airwest plus many others.

Ideally, this is a quiz where we give our best educated guess. Some people here are clearly pretty good at it - to the extent that if they don't know the exact answer, they're likely to work it out eventually. As for using the internet or turning to schedules - I can only imagine that would take a lot of the fun out of it. I look at how often I've submitted the wrong answer and yet through gentle prompts and occasional hints it's always an enjoyable and informative journey to arrive at the correct answer.

In any event, there are sites such as or that can provide a window into the flights and routes of yesteryear. You can also purchase old timetables and OAGs on sites like eBay. I recently purchased - amongst others - a 1965 worldwide OAG for $9.50, an American Aviation Air Traffic Guide from December of 1947 for just $2.25 and a Worldwide OAG from 1948 for just $26.00! I picked up four more from that era for about $125.00. Assuming your interest is there for this era, your local library probably has a book or three covering aviation's "Golden Age" and of course a simple review of some of fellow participants WHBM and jlemon's posts here can prove both entertaining and enlightening.

In any event, you'll have plenty of time to bone up on your 1940s and 50s airliner movements as my next set of questions won't be posted until about late July.

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