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Originally Posted by jrl767 View Post
I have to suspect that most of the regular cadre certainly understand and appreciate that developing a challenging set of OTA&A Quiz/Discussion questions is indeed a non-trivial effort!
All well and good. Replying to the variety of responses, hopefully in a timely manner, is an equally less than trivial effort.

Over the years I feel like between jlemon and myself, we've kept the flow of questions rolling along surprisingly well with very few extended breaks. I obviously can't speak for jlemon's schedule, but with the upcoming peak season work schedule I've bid it'll be at least mid-July and probably later before I'll be presenting any new questions. The potential is for there to be quite an extended break, and my comments toward the time and effort that go into compiling and responding to these questions is given in the spirit of preparing participants for that eventuality. Those comments may be deemed unnecessary at this point, but the OTAQ&D has taken on quite a bit of momentum over the years and I can't help but feel a bit badly if in any way I'm responsible for diminishing that.

Additionally, I kind of liked leaving all of the questions - answered and unanswered - out there. It seemed easy enough to discern those which had not yet been answered by virtue of their black print. Still, if this approach is deemed excessively difficult to navigate, I am not averse to eschewing it for the traditional style.

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