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Originally Posted by jrl767 View Post
12. If you want to fly aboard a 737-400 out of Albuquerque, there’s only a single flight departing each day. Identify the airline and the destination airport.

We've ruled out PIT a while back, along with CLT with the hint that the flight then proceeded there; next came speculation about a handful of Midwestern and Texas cities as intermediate stops en route to CLT -- all were rejected

Time for backtracking options: (1) PHX, (2) TUS

Not bad, not bad! Still, no backtracking was involved. The flight could be said to have headed just a bit to the east...

10. (1992) If you wanted to take advantage of Fifth Freedom rights to fly foreign carriers within North America, Montreal probably offered more options than any other city on the continent. Let’s examine just a couple here: Identify the two foreign airlines operating between Montreal and Chicago. While you’re at it, go ahead and identify which type of aircraft each airline operated on the route.

(1) El Al, 767
(2) LOT, 767

A good start! We're looking for different airlines however, one of them operating a US manufactured jet while the other operated a European built jet. Bother were wide bodies.

I'm sitting in 3D on a Delta A319 at BWI, awaiting pushback for MSP where Seat 1D on a SEA-bound 757 awaits

An excellent locale from which to engage the OTAQ&D! ^ Have a great flight!

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