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Originally Posted by jrl767 View Post
21. (1994) If you live in Nashville and want to fly to West Palm Beach, there’s only one flight per day, albeit a one-stop flight. It’s got some vintage equipment though, and a cheap fare to boot. Identify the airline, the equipment and the enroute stop.

I guess 25 years is the threshold for "vintage" in airliner-speak, so the venerable 737-200 would seem to be the jet in question since it entered revenue service in 1968 and we are looking for BNA-PBI service in 1994. "Cheap fare" of course points pretty directly to Southwest.

And we’re off and running! Thank you, jrl767! “Venerable” would certainly include the 737-200 by 1994, with the oldest models checking in at 25-26 years old. However, on this particular route we’re looking for a different airline and aircraft type. Additionally we’re looking to identify the enroute stop. I look forward to your next guess!

irrespective of our esteemed Quizmeister's typed Texas drawl…

I might have been inspired by the dialogue from an episode (or was it the actual movie) of Friday Night Lights (or some similar football oriented movie) that was playing on TV in the background of my hotel room. My chair was faced away from the TV and - as is so often the case at home – I never got around to getting up and turning the danged thing off! Or maybe it was the half drunk bottle of cheap whiskey…

40. (Late 1997) You want to fly from Chicago to Las Vegas – but man oh man – the fares sure are expensive! Further investigation reveals that if you’re willing to depart out of Midway Airport – located on the city’s south side – there are two airlines that offer substantially cheaper fares. Identify both airlines as well as the aircraft that each airline operates.

I will apply the second logic step here as well to one of the answers ... Southwest, probably a 737-300. As to the second, how about ATA with a 727-200

Southwest is an excellent guess here given the Midway departure point but in late 1997 it was not yet operating this route. ATA with a 727-200 was however. ^ Now we need just one more airline…
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