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Originally Posted by Proudelitist View Post
These passive-aggressive types are all too common. What they tend to forget, especially the ones that make a point of getting up to the lav every 20 minutes after being kicked out of your aisle seat, is that they are leaving themselves vulnerable. They leave their stuff in the seat, or in their underseat bags. You could do all manner of things they may not discover until later, and will never be able to prove. What's to stop me from breaking open a pen and smearing the ink inside their purse or on their seat? How about simply stomping on their bag, crushing everything? Or spilling a nice cup of coffee in their purse?

The worst I ever did to an aisle seat poacher after her 10th trip to the lav and after her constant abuse of the FA, was to put my ice cubes into her gucci purse.
Do people really leave their purses behind at their nonD1 seats when they go to the lavatory on a flight?
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