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We travel a bit between 2 residences in the U.S. in paid First Class.

To move items between the two residences, we typically would max out have 3 bags each– with the weights varying. In 2014, we shifted almost all of our travel from AA to DL in response to AA eliminating OW Explorer Awards, and free stopovers at the gateway on awards— with AA literally giving no notice overnight of these being eliminated.

It’s sad that effective March 29th, I’ll be allowed 3 Free Bags on DL when flying paid F for being Silver Medallion [lowest elite level on DL], versus mid-tier AA Platinum not getting any extra allowance on paid F in AA.

Di$count Dougie just keeps the cuts coming.

Kudos to AA’s [legacy] pilots for being frustrated with how the airline is treating its customers-- they're absolutely correct.

With sAAver awards disappearing— rapidly— and AA’s award devaluation coming up in less than a week, the differentiation between AAdvantage and SkyMiles is becoming even slimmer.

AA: I’ve gotta hand it to you— with this change you’ve sealed my switch in 2016 to continue flying Delta. [and never in a million years did I ever think I’d utter this]

The 3rd bag benefit was how I could justify in my mind paying AA more for their F product— it certainly isn’t for the slop that AA continues to pass off as acceptable F food domestically– it’s still not back to the level of where it was prior to the F class meal cuts in September 2013.

With this change, now there is 0 incentive for me to pay more for domestic F on AA, versus flying DL in domestic F. *sigh*
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