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Hey all -

Just a heads up I just got an email on my schwab account "following a review of your account activity, we've deactivated your schwab bank mobile deposit service." I got a duplicate e-mail for the bank account and the brokerage account. I never did any mobile deposit to the brokerage account, only the bank account - so they clearly decided to just shut it down for all of my accounts.

I've been running maybe about $10k/month through schwab. Gonna lay low for a bit and hope they don't shut down the account outright. I like having the account for when we travel for free atm withdrawals. At least as it is I can still transfer money to the account before we travel.

Looking for a replacement - I can still deposit to B of A through ATMs but I can't transfer all of my activity to that account for fear of losing that one as well. Lately I've been running about 50% of my total MO activity through each of those two accounts.
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