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Originally Posted by flyer321 View Post
hi guys,
new here on the forum, I've been browsing through the topics on throwaway tickets and came across that we should tell NO ONE if we intend to not take the last segment on our reservation...but being a complete newbie at this, what if the boarder services guy ask? do you tell them then?

my situation is this:
frequently fly from Canada A, to a city in USA B, for work.
usually I book pretty early and get a good fare, but this week I fell behind and booked last friday for a flight intending to leave the following Monday.

I found, A to B round trip was going to cost over $2000, where as a similar trip A to B to C, C to B to A was going to cost only $800...

I don't intend to go to C at all.

stupidly i called the United Premier desk and they told me my entire reservation would be canceled if i missed a flight but its ok if i book separately...what I ended up booking was A to B to C on one reservation and a separate return trip just B to A at a slightly higher cost.

Now, I'm worried about what the boarder guys will ask. from my experience they have always asked where I'm going and doing there...since my return trip on Friday doesn't match my destination on Monday, should I just tell them the truth that I intend to go to B because it was a lot cheaper to book and just throw away my B to C ticket? would that get my in trouble? don't want get in trouble with my Nexus nor the airline...

any advice would be appreciated.
Honesty is always the best policy with customs and immigration officials.

But there's no need to volunteer unsolicited information about why you're going to B via C on this ticket, other than it was cheaper than going directly to B.
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