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Originally Posted by jrl767 View Post
72. A thorough perusal of the OAG reveals nonstop service into Honolulu from fifteen different airports located on islands. Yes this question has been asked before, but covering a different time period and, as the saying goes, times have changed. Can you identify the fifteen airports?

Let's start with reasonably obvious destinations -- major cities (and some not-so-major ones) in Hawaii; we know the two Tokyo airports are on islands, as is Vancouver; I think the Continental Micronesia "Island-Hopper" ran nonstop to Guam most days but made a (maybe 2x/week) stop at Johnston

so we have
  1. Hilo (ITO)
  2. Kahului (OGG)
  3. Kapalua/West Maui (KPL?)
  4. Kaunakakai(?)(MKK)
  5. Kona (KOA)
  6. Lihue (LIH)
  7. Haneda (HND) Incorrect
  8. Narita (NRT)
  9. Vancouver (YVR)
  10. Guam (GUM)
  11. Johnston Atoll (JON)

    and as for the others, perhaps

  12. Auckland NZ (AKL)
  13. Kiritimati (aka Christmas Island) (CXI)
  14. Nadi Fiji (NAN)
  15. Papeete Tahiti (PPT)

jrl767, I apologize in that I should have said I was looking for airports not part of the state of Hawaii - i.e. international. That said, I didn't, so first off, I'm going to assume all of your Hawaiian airports are correct. As for your international airports... all of the ones listed except Tokyo Haneda are correct.

Now based upon how I asked the question, even with the Hawaiian island airports listed, we're still missing a few airports. You're off to a good start though and if you'll allow me to put out yet another hurdle for you to jump over, how about having a go at the other seven airports not listed?
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